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Lyrical Rainmaker,

Raining down words that set the world on fire!

Feel the downpour.

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Meet The Author,

Denise Sutton

Denise is a prolific author, poet, songwriter, storyteller, and motivational speaker with a career spanning over two decades. Since 2003, she has penned three acclaimed poetry collections and an inspirational book, in addition to contributing as a co-author to several other noteworthy publications. Currently, Denise serves as a contributing author to an anthology, further solidifying her reputation as a leading voice in literature and personal development.

As a versatile artist, Denise’s spoken word performances and musical compositions are celebrated on various platforms, including Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. She is also a celebrated musician for local church choirs. Her profound impact extends beyond the realm of creative expression as she has dedicated over twenty-six years to serving as a mental health nurse, fifteen years as a nursing assistant instructor, and several years conducting self-publishing seminars within the North Carolina community college system.


Denise’s experiences in different domains have increased her ability to distill complex concepts into accessible formats and underscores her effectiveness as a communicator and educator, making her a sought-after mentor in both the creative and educational spheres.

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Spoken Word Artist



Inspirational speaker



The captivating world of my literary creations.

With four published books and an extensive catalog of over a hundred songs, my writing journey is a testament to my unwavering dedication to inspiring and uplifting others. Within the pages of my books, you'll discover narratives brimming with resilience, beauty, and profound insights drawn from the tapestry of life. Each story and song serves as a beacon of hope, inviting readers to explore the boundless potential of the human spirit and the transformative power of positivity. Join me on this enriching journey as we celebrate the inherent strength and splendor found in every corner of our world.

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Listen to my songs!

With over a hundred songs to my name, each melody is a testament to my profound commitment to spreading joy and inspiration through the power of music. From soulful ballads to infectious rhythms, my songs are infused with the resilience and beauty I see in the world around me. With every chord and lyric, I aim to uplift hearts and spirits, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and celebration. Join me as we explore the transformative magic of music and discover the endless possibilities it holds for healing, connection, and personal growth.

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